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Message to humanity

Digital technology seemed like a catalyst for human civilisation's development until it became not only a powerful tool but an inevitable lifestyle. It is no exaggeration to say that now you 'coexist' in the digital world. However, one of humanity's greatest creations, the digital world is not designed to be friendly enough for humans. There have always been some errors. I am not talking about the errors about code, computer virus or updates but fundamental and infrastructural errors which come when the digital world is delivered to the analog world. I let you face a part of the possible future caused by one of the errors.

After a long period of confrontation between the human body and digital world, the traditional human body and digital world resulted with genetic evolution setting their priority to the digital world over the analog world. The evolved human bodies optimised their skeletal and muscular structure for the digital world. It even redesigned themselves to embrace back and neck pain. Neck went forward and back and got hunched. It was, in a perspective, the defeat of the natural human body by the digital world and degeneration.

What you will see is one of the formal fashions from the future. 

I see many of you in your time swimming with the tide of the digital world instead of rebelling against it…and I want to ask you, 

Is this how you want your both worlds to become? 

Is this your ideal world?

-The creator of ‘Homo Sapiens Digital’, Harry Jinwook Seong.

This project imaginatively extends today’s error of our digital world to create an alternative, possible and plausible future.


As the role of the digital environment has become larger than ever, it has created a whole new atmosphere which can undeniably be defined as the “digital world”. In the future scenario driven by the project’s intention, Homo sapiens sapiens have evolved according to the strong influence of the digital world. Eventually, Homo sapiens digital, the new subspecies of Homo sapiens, is born. 


Through this project, the fully evolved human body and suitable future formal wear for the body is presented as final outcomes. Speculated human body and formal fashion which still acts as sleek and formal fashion style while beautifully embracing the new body structure aims to evoke viewers with questions about
the developing direction of today’s digital world. Following project includes beautiful details such as colour-matching footwear and subsidiary materials with digital aesthetics. 





Directed & Designed by Harry Jinwook Seong

Model: Zoë Kezia, Dylan O’Sullivan

Project Assistant: Jinwon Moon

A Goldsmiths BA Design final year project